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4 Steps to find your perfect yet profitable blog niche

You have probably made your mind up that you want to blog. That’s a great decision and I wish you success in the blogging world. To be a successful blogger you need to find your perfect and profitable blog niche. This is why I bring you the 4 steps to find your perfect yet profitable blog niche. If you are new to my blog I suggest you go read make money blogging and 7 mistakes bloggers make when they are starting  After or before this post, really there is no order.

A perfect niche is to me is that which you are passionate about, experienced in and is searchable. Meaning people are looking for that type of content, at the same time you want to make sure you can make money from it. Here are four steps you can follow to find your perfect yet profitable blog inch.

1. Get the topics you have interest in.

First thing you want to do is to make a list of all the topics you have interest in. At this point, be sincere with yourself and list as many topics as you can. Just those that you like.

You can list the topics you are already following online. For instance, I follow online money blogs and pages, I follow tech blogs and pages, I follow Django, Youtubers tips, cryptocurrency,  relationships, electronics etc.

2. Consider Knowledge and Experience.

Its now time to go back to the list you created and mark those topics that you either have experience in or you have knowledge in. Remember to always be sincere to yourself. If you lie to yourself then you will not be able to create content for your blog in a few weeks.

You don’t need both experience and expertise but you need one. For instance, you can start blogging about blogging even if you never had experience in blogging before. You can always read and share your knowledge with other readers.

From what I follow and topics I’m interested in I’d choose

  1. Tech and programing(Django). This is a topic I have experience as well as massive knowledge in.
  2. Blogging and making money online: Over the past 6+ months I have been running my blog  and this blog as well as helping others build their blog so I have some experience in blogging. When it comes to making money online, I have been doing this for 4 years now.
  3. Cryptocurrency: I love blockchain technologies and I read a lot about it. I’ll soon start developing on blockchain.

I bet you have shortlisted your list now. Let us move on

3. Profitability Check (Monetization Strategy)

This step is only for those who want to make money with their blogs. Now you won’t look at the topics you have left and see if you can monetize those content. You can have several ways to monetize your blogs. You can read more about making money with blogs here

  • Ads: Registering with ad networks like Adsense then they display ads in your blog and you get paid per 1000 views and per clicks and impressions.
  • Affiliate products: You register with other sites that sell products and or services then you get special links that you put on your blog and whenever a user clicks and buy these products and services through your link you get paid.
  • Sponsored Posts: You get paid to write a post on your blog.
  • Selling your own products and services: You can make your own products and services and sells. For instance, You can sell T-shirts, Designs, eBooks, Courses, or services like Consultations, Web development, etc.

Almost in any niche, you can monetize your blog with the first three options; Ads, Affiliate links, and Sponsored Posts.

If you want to sell your own products or services you must put in extra work like learning a skill or creating the products.

For me, I use all four to monetize my blogs.

From the lists above that I had shortlisted I’d choose:

  • Tech and programing: Because I can easily make a course, sell my programming skills, sell digital products, and have ads.
  • I would also choose to blog because I can make a blogging course. Plus the other three ways of monetization.

4. Search Volume and Competition

Now you have to check if the domain or niche you chose has enough traffic. Most people make a simple mistake that costs them a lot later on. The biggest is going for an inch with no competition. The more competition in the niche means there is more traffic. People are actually looking for that type of content already.

If you find that a lot of big websites are dominating that niche try breaking it down even more. Go for sub-niches. For instance, if tech and programming are conquered by big domains it is hard to outdo them but it is possible so I go for Django.  If Django is also flooded by big domains I go to a more specific sub-niche like Django rest framework.

For blogging, you can have sub-niche like SEO, or Keyword research.

How do I know if a niche is searchable?

This is what I do, I search it on google then see top blogs in that niche. After that, I take those domains and analyze them on Ubersuggest.


You can see the traffic for all the top sites in that niche. If you do things right you can have part of that traffic.

You can use other tools like WMS everywhere to see the search volumes on Google. This can also give you post ideas for your blog.  Sometimes I search any random keywords in my niche and see what people are searching for. Then from there, I create my content.

4 tips to find your perfect yet profitable blog niche

And those were 4 Steps to find your perfect yet profitable blog niche. Let me know any other steps that I did not include in the comment section. Thank you.

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