CHAPTER 0: Project (Support Ticketing) Overview

By Symons · 3¬†weeks, 1¬†day ago

Hi, my name is Ombori Symons and in this short article, I would like to highlight what we will be doing in the next series of posts. I intend to do a whole project here with you, the main aim is to get someone started with Django quickly while understanding the basics of the framework. If you are an experienced Django programmer you can as well follow along and share your views with us(its a community) actually I would as well want to learn more.

We will build a Support Ticketing System, This is the system that non-IT staff use to open tickets when they need IT support, Our users will be :

  • Admin/Director
  • Support Team
  • Clients / General Staff


  • Will add both clients and Support staff. 
  • Can create ticket
  • Can mark Ticket as complete
  • Can assign a ticket to a support team member
  • Can see tickets and how long they have been open
  • Can view each Support team member's history ie tickets they worked on
  • Can delete Tickets
  • Can suspend or a support staff

Support Team

  • Can see all open and in-progress tickets
  • Can take a task
  • Can add other people as Team
  • Can mark a ticket as complete
  • Can see their previous tickets
  • Can update their profile

Clients / General Staff 

  • Can create a ticket
  • Can Mark ticket completely
  • Can rate service
  • Can see previous tickets 


  1. CHAPTER 1: (S-Ticketing) Installing Django
  2. CHAPTER 2: Creating Our Project and understanding Django Project Structure

As you can see its not a very easy project but in the end, you shall have learned a lot of the basics to get you started with Django. These features can change along the way. Let us meet in Chapter 1. 

Our imagination is our only limit