Update on Completion Of the blog site(omborisymons)

By Symons · 2¬†months, 4¬†weeks ago

I feel its good I update you about the progress of this project. I planned to create a simple blog that is easy to navigate and with no annoying advertisements. Content will be mainly tech stuff.

I have been working on this site for a week now and I’m now confident that it's stable, even though its only 80% done. That means you will be seeing some technical hitches and many other new features coming on, feel free to give me feedback and suggestions.

Let me also emphasize that I'm a learner who wants to share what I have learnt and constantly learn from others, for this reason, I will have friends also posting, you are my friend too. wink 

Which part is not complete yet? 

  •  Tags for related articles
  • Better Commenting System
  • User authentication: for my partners who will be posting
  • Share, like and good commenting system
  • View calculator
  • APIs for other developers

Technologies used?

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Django

 My main aim is to help someone get started in the tech field. I'll start posting by around 10th Nov as I have to respect the examcool

Thank you for reading. See you in my next post.