Blogging for beginners 2020 | 7 mistakes you should never make

You must be thinking of starting a blog or you already have one but struggling to grow it. You might be blogging just to document your life activities. Well if that is the case you won’t make lots of mistakes. On the other hand, if you will take blogging as a business then you should read this article. This post is about blogging for beginners in 2020. I’ll tell you what mistakes you are likely to make.

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You probably have plans for your blog to pick up as soon as you launch it, its a good dream and I also had the same when I started my first blog. For me, I thought I’d be earning more than $1000 a month after two months but guess what? I got my first $70 after 5 months. If you do some of the things I’m about to tell you right then you can get that in your first month of launching.


Let us get started! I’m so eager to share this with you guys.

Using Free Hosting

It is very easy to start a blog nowadays, with Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, and many other CMS on the internet. Within a few minutes and you will have a blog with a subdomain like all for free.

Well opting for this is a big mistake if you plan to grow your blog into a business. Here is why,

  • First, you will be limited when it comes to monetizing your blog. Most CMS providers will advertise on your blog posts and not pay you. After all, they are giving you hosting space, domain name, and all the maintenance. AdSense won’t allow them.
  • That URL is just very unprofessional that even if you have a lot of traffic, advertisers and those who would like to have a post promoted on your site will think twice. The domain is not yours it can be taken down anytime.
  • Third, their terms and conditions can change anytime and you might get yourself on the wrong side and get burned completely.
  • The last one is, you will at some point want to move to better hosting and domain name. If you had ranked well on google and have a lot of users used to your unprofessional blog you risk losing all that when moving to a new domain.


To avoid the above simply start your blog the right way. The right way is by using your favorite CMS like WordPress but self-hosted with your domain name like Hosting your blog means you have access to all the files and you can make any changes you like. Again you can get professional emails depending on the hosting service you choose. Here is the cheap option I’d suggest you start with.

Note: The following links may contain my affiliate links, which means I’ll earn some percentage if you use them.

  • Hosting space: that goes for $1.44/yr here
  • A domain name that is 8.88/yr from here 

You will spend roughly $27 (Ksh.2700) including transactions and you can host your 3 blogs with three different domain names. Jackpot!

And you will get everything you need. WordPress installed. You just install the theme you want and start blogging. Pretty straightforward.

For CMS I suggest you use WordPress, it is so powerful yet very simple for beginners and everyone generally. And because of its popularity, there are several themes to choose from and a community and resources to get help from in case you are stuck.

Posting Low-Quality Content

When just starting to blog, you might easily be interested in having more content quickly. Which is a good thing, because the more posts the more chances of your blogpost being found. But is it worth sacrificing your quality?

What you will notice is that low-quality content is horrible for your content, I’d rather publish 1 post a week than posting 4 to 6 posts of 300 words or copied randomly on the web.

How does it affect your blog? Well google and almost all search engines have algorithms that will first check plagiarism on your post if you copied it, google will know and your page won’t be ranked for that post. the second thing it will check on the time users spends on your site. If people spent less than one min or two then your content is not great and you won’t be ranked top pages of google hence few will find your blog.

If a user has discovered that your site has low-quality content they will not click on it even if it is the first in search results. Each time your site appears on the first page of Google and they don’t click on it then the algorithm will know it is not worth being top. It will reduce the ranking.


Just take your time and write your quality content. Do the right research and write unique content that users will relate to. You can start with 1 post a week and once you master the art you can improve.

Not Having a Niche

Again not having a niche is a very big mistake. Imagine me reading a post about cooking and tomorrow you are writing about fashion. But does that hurt my site? Yes

You will be chasing your followers with a constantly changing niche. If a user is following your posts about farming that is what brings him back. But if when they come back they find politics, they won’t come back. Adsense too needs to categorize your content. Choose a niche and you will do good in this field. People will also know what you are good at.


Choose a nitch that you are well familiar with. If you are a chef or know much about cooking go for it. Otherwise, if you choose a field that you are not good at then you will soon run out of content.

Focusing on SEO and forgetting quality

As a beginner you always want your content to be found. You will focus more on making the google algorithm happy than making your readers happy. One thing you should always know is that Google’s ranking algorithm will only be happy if your readers are happy. This might affect you for a long time.


Spend time on creating quality content that will make your users happy. I used to write three blogs a day for my blog focusing on SEO and keywords and all that stuff. I had to pull down several useless posts.

I nowadays write one post a week on both of my three blogs. All I care about is my readers and not money and ranking.

If you focus on adding value to your readers you will eventually start seeing returns

Not Being Consistent

Big content creators will tell you that being consistent is very important for success. Most beginners will post when they feel like it. which is terrible. Your readers will need to know when to expect your content. If you post 10 today and next week none the other week 3 they will be confused and look for alternatives, bloggers with discipline ;(:).

Google also takes your consistency seriously. They expect fresh content every week for your pages to be top.


Try and create a schedule and post according to it. Say 2 posts a week. And remember the more posts the more chances you will be found.

Not Building Mail List

In the beginning, you will not be interested in building your mail list. This is a very big mistake. Here is why.

In the begging, you will be sharing your posts and have a lot of readers, and then at some point a few days or weeks you will start losing them. You must ask them to signup for the newsletter and you will retain them.  Example: In my first week I got 2.2Knew visitors I didn’t collect any email. the next week I had 500 users and it kept going till it was 30. If just half of those 2.2k  signed up for my newsletter and I sent them an email each time I publish a new post trust me I would have grown so fast.


mailling list.

Before you write your first article, set up your mailing list. If you using WordPress I suggest the mail poet plugin it is easy to use and supports up to 1000 subscribers for free. There are several other plugins you can choose from.

Expecting Too much

When you launch a new blog, you will be expecting results immediately, it is normal but that can affect your productivity, but how?

Well, you will be feeling like you are doing a lot but with fewer results.


Be patient, blogs take time to yield just like any other business. You might start seeing results or traffic after 20 good posts.


  1. I will advise you not to share your posts viral until you have at least 10 of them. Why? When you share one post and you only have one or two posts people will come and if they were not interested in that specific post they will have nowhere else to get to, meaning they will quit and they will always assume that your content is not for them. What if you had other posts? they will have some to choose from. and that will make them know that you provide a variety of content that they might like.
  2. Start now don’t keep waiting you are wasting time. There you will learn as you continue.
  3. Always learn and ask for help and advice, Join communities and help others too. There are several articles about blogging for beginners out there
  4. Don’t spam people with your links, especially on Facebook. Instead, add value to them before you post your link. You can respond to a post answer and leave your link at the end.
  5. Don’t depend on ads for income. register for affiliate programs and earn from them ads earn so little if you are just beginning.
  6. Learn more about social media marketing to get more traffic right the way. Follow these steps by Annette
  7. Very important to Join my newsletter and watch for my posts every week.


Blogging can be lucrative if you do it right from the beginning. There are millions of blogs on the internet and therefore you must just stand out and get noticed. The easiest way to do that is by producing quality content that adds value to your reader.

Treat blogging as a business, invest time, be patient and learn for ways to always improve.

As much as it is a business, you must have passion, love your blog. Anyway who would love your blog if you don’t love it? It is exactly what you feel about your blog that others will feel too. Do you find it not interesting or burdensome? It will trickle down to the reader. Develop a love relationship with your blog.

Always reply to your reader’s comments, engage them, help them if you can.

Putt everything you learn into practice. some times you read a lot like blogging for beginners and feel like you have actually done a lot. Put them into practice1

Do all the above right and you will have a good blogging career.

And that is all I could say about blogging for beginners read my next posts.

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