How I got attachment in kenya as a computer science student

Hi, so I made a video about how fun my attachment was, and as a result, I got questions asking me how I got attachment, and what my roles were. On this post, I’ll share exactly that. Welcome and please share.

In my school, Maseno University industrial attachment is mandatory and for my course (Computer Science) we are required to do it after the end of the third year.

Getting the right place to do attachment was not easy, as we had to look for them ourselves. The much that the school could do was to give us a recommendation letter.

The struggle 

Here is my detailed struggle to getting attachment.

Some months to the exam I started sending out matters to several companies online and as usual, my overconfidence made me think I was the best candidate everywhere and would get accepted when the right time comes.

First forward to after exam and none of the companies had replied. So my hope was now with the companies I knew.

Since my uncle works with KCB, the first application letter I wrote to KCB and I was 90% optimistic that I’d get it. Since time was going I decided to make other applications.

The first reply came from codeinn  

They already had enough people and could not take me in so I lost that

I had a lot of typos though hahaha. They also have a funny email ati laugh

At this point, my hope was  on KCB and Podii

My first technical interview 

Podii sent me that email and a small task to do. I was to go for the interview in a weeks time.

I had never coded in elixir, however, so I had a week to learn its concept being that its functional programing language. I tried and did the tusk in time at the expense of going through the elixir school.

At the interview, I must say they treated us really well. We had anxiety when before the interview but they ensured we calm down and they were so friendly. At some point, I forgot I was on an interview.

Content of the interview was mainly focusing on

1 Collaboration ( Git and Github ) which I was ok with. And I have been writing about.

2. Basic understanding of elixir language. 

The interview lasted close to a full day. From 10 am to 5 pm but it was fun.

At the end of the day, they were waking only two people and I was not one of them. I lived to try another day.

Bora attachment

I was now ready to accept any place. But there was no offer. My friend who was already on her second week of industrial attachment at NHIF advised me to try my luck with NHIF.

That very evening I wrote an application latter and the next day I dropped it and NHIF office Kisumu. They told me to check back in two weeks.

I did not wait for two weeks instead I went for follow up after three days and I was taken immediately. I reported to work that very afternoon.

Roles at NHIF

While my friend Raquel had a chance in the ICT department, I did not get to the same department. I was taken to the customer care department. My role was to offer support to clients. Including, new registration, updates, changing hospital etc. My workstation was at huduma centre.


I sent an email to Talklift the evening I came from Podii and got a call. They invited me for an interview in Nairobi. at this point with a position at NHIF already, I found it hard to start organizing accommodation in Nairobi.

County Government of Kisumu

While at NHIF, I applied for attachment at County Government of Kisumu. I was at NHIF for only 4 days and the job there was extremely boring.

When I took my application latter to the county offices, I was told to wait for SMS. Your guess is as right I didn’t wait laugh

I was there the next day and found the ICT director on phone, I told him I’m here for attachment and without more words, He gave me a supervisor and that is how I got attachment.


There was not much coding. Maybe some server automation scripts ones in a while. Mainly I was:

  • Providing support to users
  • Servicing computers, printers and VoIP phones
  • Installation of new Softwares and machines
  • Providing training
  • Troubleshooting network problems

I later teamed up with Sheryl one of interns and made up a system using Django.


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