Python Quick Installation

This is a post I actually never wanted to write since python quick installation is straight forward, but then I thought about my readers who have never programmed before maybe trying it out for the first time, I don’t want you to get frustrated.  Follow the following steps to get up and running in seconds. I’m sorry I don’t have consistent access to a windows computer I’ll try my best, but I will update this post once I have windows. Linux probably comes with python installed so you guys don’t have to worry a lot.

1. Check if you have python installed:


  • Open CMD or PowerShell
  • Type python --version
  • Python version should appear in the next line as shown below.


   Open Terminal and type python or python3 and you should see version installed


check if python is installed

If  you didn’t see python version then you need to install in

2. Head to python’s official page for windows

3. Download the latest version, I recommend you download the executable installer.


python windows installer

4. Run the installer you downloaded

5. If you see “Add Python to path” check it otherwise you will have little trouble.

6. Click all next.

You are done! if you clicked add python to Path then you are set if you didn’t you can set it manually or just uninstall and install again checking that checkbox this time.


That’s it for now, Follow my social pages for questions. or inbox me



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