Recovering From a Burnout



Hey there, it has been a while since I wrote an article here. A lot has been going on and I’d like to quickly update you on what happened, what’s happening and what’s coming on.

Well as the title suggest, I had a burnout for several weeks. If you have been here before you know how it feels. How did it start? I started working on several projects and creating content for several blogs. I hardly slept 3 hours a day as much as this was not enough I started a youtube channel. Within no time I was unable to can haha(I couldn’t can). I must say it went down so fast.

During my down moments, I reduced the number of projects I was doing and stopped all content creation activities except for youtube. Eventually, even youtube lagged behind one thing I kept doing is writing code. at least solving a challenge every day.

Back to life

Having finished university studies (even though I’m waiting for the last exam), reality hits me every morning that I must be responsible and find a way of being self-reliant.

I have a dream of moving out early next year and this is one thing that has given me the new energy to work. As much as I’m out to look for money, on this log I’ll keep writing for passion and do contribute to the developer community

What will be coming?

I have thought of several things I can do and decided to be realistic. As programmers, we always get affected by over-ambition. Here are what to expect

  1. Completion of Sticketing: We already started doing a project together as we learn the basics of Django. Be ready for completion and more improvements!
  2. Video for most posts: As much as I tried to simplify everything others still need to see. Especially the complete beginners, therefore, I have another channel purely for this blog. I’ll try to make a video for all the posts that need to.
  3. More single posts: I have done mostly series, I’ll now be doing single posts more often.
  4. HTML and CSS for beginners: this will help those who have never tried anything in web development to grasp something
  5. Blog project: While learning web development we’ll build a complete blog site with HTML, CSS and Django.
  6. More Python articles and lessons especially beginner-friendly

I initially planned to list things I’ll do outside this blog but it no necessary.

If you want me to talk about anything please comment below and we’ll be in touch.


Lastly, I’d like to hear how you overcame burnouts and procrastination.

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